Saturday, April 18, 2015

First post

Hello World!

I was thinking to start blogging for some time now. But I wasn't sure if I would be able to produce original and interesting (hopefully) content on a regular basis. I've seen many blogs starting well but then slowly being abandoned by their owners. What triggered my decision to actually give it a go was Troy Hunt's milestone which essentially completed his transformation to the Internet celebrity.
I was reading Troy's blog from around 2011. In his very first blog post (from 2009) he highlights the importance of building an active online profile. To be fair I've been on Twitter for a few years now. But sometimes 140 characters is not enough to elaborate on more complex issues. I have also created blog posts for the corporate blog of the company I work for. I will continue to do so but I believe my personal blog will give me more freedom plus it will allow me to deviate every now and then and cover other areas outside of IT/DevOps/Security. After all this online identity doesn't have to be one-dimensional. I read another science/astronomy related blog "Starts with a bang" and I really like how Ethan manages to inject "weekend diversion" posts that are not directly related to the main topic of his blog but they really complement it nicely and demonstrate what else is important to the author on this given day. So don't be surprised if you see occasional "offtopic" posts.

My identity

My uni degree was applied mathematics (which was essentially half maths/half IT related subjects with a sprinkle of space technology related special cources). Since 2003 I've been working for the leading Australian online businesses. Currently I am wearing 2 hats managing a team of engineers looking after DevOps and Security parts of IT. DevOps and Security together (SecDevOps?) is a very powerful combination. And I see these areas as the main direction for this blog.
This is what I will try to achieve. Let's get the ball rolling!

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