Thursday, July 30, 2015

NVIDIA driver problem after Windows 10 upgrade

This is a quick post to help those experiencing the same issue.

I have just performed an in place upgrade of my home PC from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Everything went well during the installation phase but when I finally logged in I only had one monitor working in the default lower than usual resolution. Hmmm, ok, I went to the device manager and noticed this:

This is clearly a video driver issue. For some reason Windows recognised but failed to install a proper driver. To fix this issue I went to the NVIDIA's web site, downloaded the latest Windows 10 64 bit driver and ran the installer.

To my surprise (once the package was extracted to my local disk)  I was greeted by this error message - "NVIDIA Installer failed":

Puzzled, I ran a Windows update process but the system didn't detect any new device drivers.
Then I decided to try to install the driver manually.

Right-click the video card in the device manager and select "Update driver software..."

Click "Browser my computer for driver software". Click "Browse" and navigate to the directory where the nVidia driver installer extracted its files to:

In my case the path was: C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\353.62\Win10_64\International\Display.Driver

Click OK and the driver will be installed.
Now run the NVIDIA installer again (it will work this time) and proceed with the normal installation to make sure you've got other required pieces from this package.

Reboot and you will finally have all your monitors detected and running with the proper screen resolution.

Hope this will save some time for people experiencing the same issue during the upgrade.

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